#106 – Fair Weather Mama

When Baby A was born, he was lighter than L and not as chubby as L. As he grew over the weeks, one double eyelid appeared and then the second appeared out of the blue. That really changed his looks. Suddenly, he became very good-looking and an absolutely handsome baby. My heart loves him even more then, even though he doesn’t chuckle like L and definitely not easily tickled like his elder sister. But overall, he’s still pretty responsive.

And then today, as he is nearing 5 months old, he woke up with only one double eyelid and the left one disappeared quite as suddenly as it appeared. Now that altered his looks a great deal. He’s not looking as good as before. I’m really trying not to be a superficial and fair weather mama. And probably that’s why I’m penning this down to get it off my chest. I should be grateful that he’s one healthy and smart (at least he looks intelligent) baby. I should be grateful that I’m blessed with one cute and happy daughter, followed by a lovely son. I should be counting my blessings. I ought to be…


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