#117 – SAHM calling in sick

Falling sick is unavoidable and I dreaded that day to come.

And so it came. I wasn’t not feeling too well, had a headache, flu-like symptoms, giddy, nausea, sleep deprivation, night cough, fatigue and lethargy. My first response was to call in sick. Then I remembered that I can’t… cos I’m a SAHM.

Sometimes I think that working in the corporate world is a better deal. At least you get bonus, incentives, and all sorts of privileges and of course the basic perk of being able to call in sick if need be. As a SAHM, all these are non-existent. Sick/healthy, sad/happy, bad day/good day etc, SAHMs still have to do the job. There is little down-times, off-days, me-times as these are child-dependent. But weighing the pros and cons of this so-called “job”, the joy of looking after my kids and watching them grow is still a wonderful thing. Oh well, I still love my “job”. 🙂

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