#121 – Worst Sea-sick Ever

It was the first morning of our trip and we were all pumped up for the whale-watching. I had a hearty breakfast cos the food was extremely fresh and nice. Big mistake!

One hour into the cruise, the water became really choppy and I asked for a plastic bag immediately; on sensing that my breakfast was about to make its way out. The next moment, I “merlioned” (a phrase to describe the projectile movement of the vomitus) big time but alas, the plastic bag given to me had a slit on it so the vomitus went onto the nice wooden floorboard instead. Yikes!

I was asked if I wish to abandon the trip and cruise back but I refused to especially after making my way half the globe for this trip. So for the next few hours I was in agony and threw up just about everything that was in there. Towards the end, I was throwing up bitter bile water. Double yikes!

When S asked me to go out to the deck and watch the whales, I could only manage a feeble effort to put on the warm suit, took a glance, then head back indoors to lie down. It was that bad. So much for whale watching…maybe next time, or maybe not.

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