#123 – Aurora, Here We Come!

After a few nights of disappointment of not catching the northern lights, we were down to the final night. It’s a make it or break it kinda thing. I prayed hard that our trip would end on a high note of the light sighting. On our way up to the mountains, my heart was pounding wildly. I could literally hear my heartbeat in the silence of the wintry, snowy night.

When we got into the mountain top café, as I was removing my hood, beanie, scarf, balaclava, 2 layers of gloves etc; I told S that if we didn’t see it this trip, we will make another trip to Iceland next month in January. I was that desperate. We kept our hopes high even though the sky was overcast. We went for the 30-minute guided tour/talk on the Aurora Borealis and came back out to have a cup of cocoa.

Then suddenly, someone shouted “Aurora! Aurora!” and we quickly don the multiple pieces of apparels that we just removed minutes ago and gulped down the hot cocoa.

We dashed out of the café and trod on the shin-high snow and there we were, captivated by the beautiful dance of the aurora. It was just a slight appearance of swaying green lights but that’s enough for us at that moment. I was thrilled. S quickly asked me turn around for a quick photo snap. It was not a great picture given the conditions of dim lighting and snowing surrounding. But it was really enough for me. I was just too happy to able to tick one of the last items off my bucket list. I said a quick thank you prayer of course. Mission accomplished.

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