#106 – Fair Weather Mama

When Baby A was born, he was lighter than L and not as chubby as L. As he grew over the weeks, one double eyelid appeared and then the second appeared out of the blue. That really changed his looks. Suddenly, he became very good-looking and an absolutely handsome baby. My heart loves him even more then, even though he doesn’t chuckle like L and definitely not easily tickled like his elder sister. But overall, he’s still pretty responsive.

And then today, as he is nearing 5 months old, he woke up with only one double eyelid and the left one disappeared quite as suddenly as it appeared. Now that altered his looks a great deal. He’s not looking as good as before. I’m really trying not to be a superficial and fair weather mama. And probably that’s why I’m penning this down to get it off my chest. I should be grateful that he’s one healthy and smart (at least he looks intelligent) baby. I should be grateful that I’m blessed with one cute and happy daughter, followed by a lovely son. I should be counting my blessings. I ought to be…


#100 – Baby A takes my breath away

Baby A has been getting cuter with his changing looks and lovely baby smell. His left double eye lid appeared out of a sudden one day and for a long time, it remained that way until another fine day, his right double eyelid appeared too. Now he looks more and more like me. 🙂

His temperament is vastly different from his sister. L is always cheeky, sociable and a little bit naughty. She is extremely gregarious and enjoys public attention. From time to time, she will have her moods but by and large, she’s a fine, young three-year-old.

Baby A, on the other hand, is much quieter. He enjoys one-on-one attention and his intense gaze can be very captivating. He has his occasional toothless grin/chuckle and I must say that it’s really his reserved smile that melts my heart.

#73 – Harmony Test


We decided to go for the Harmony test instead of amniocentesis this time. Thinking that it’s only blood test (unlike the previous time whereby I had the needle stuck into my abdomen for the longest time), my mind was put at ease immediately. Little did I know that they actually took 6 tubes of blood! I nearly fainted… It was rather painful if you ask me. But alas, it’s over. Now we just have to wait 10 days for the results since the blood samples will be sent overseas for testing.

When the clinic nurse called me 9 days later at 8 plus in the morning, I received the news on my own. My heart was thumping mad and I’m just so relieved that all results are good. And the good news is also that, I’m expecting a boy this time! Woohoo!

Actually I’ve a feeling that it’s a boy this time since the symptoms are all different. My family and close friends think so too. Now we need to decide on the shortlisted names. Not sure why but we simply can’t decide on one English and one Chinese name. Looks like it’s much easier for girl’s names. 🙂

#9 – The Wait…

We opted for the “express” service; the results were made available in 48 hours instead of 3 weeks. But as we were anxious, the wait seemed like forever. I remember Dr. C called me at 8 plus on the second morning rattling some medical terms, which stand for 3 strains of chromosomes. We heaved a huge sigh of relief after learning that the result was ok. She later asked if I’d like to know the gender and I said yes. To be frank, I was a tad disappointed after learning that our baby is of the fairer sex. Call me traditional but S is the eldest son and I feel obliged (or self-inflicted pressure – however you like to call it) to produce a male offspring.

We shared the good news with our families. They were thrilled to know that all was ok. I blame it on the raging hormones for my over-sensitive reaction to the gender of our baby. Now as I think back, I’m just glad that I’ve a healthy baby and a sweetheart too. She’s definitely more endearing and loving. Many of our friends and relatives also commented that she’s one lucky gal who will be inheriting contents of my two walk-in wardrobes. 🙂