#77 – Baby A

Yes, we finally decided on his English and Chinese names and we are happy to share that with L so that she can start “talking” to him using his name too.

For this second pregnancy, much that I try not to eat so much, so as not to repeat having to deliver a sumo-sized baby again, my obstetrician warned me about my weight gain and by looking at Baby A’s weight trajectory, he is certainly not far from following L’s tiny foot steps.

S has been asking me about Baby A’s personality and I can’t really put my finger on it. He seems to be quieter than L and his movements are not as much too. It may just be the fact that we have L with us now so there’s inevitably not so much time to pay special attention on Baby A as we had on L. No wonder they say first born is lucky cos they get all the love and attention.


#73 – Harmony Test


We decided to go for the Harmony test instead of amniocentesis this time. Thinking that it’s only blood test (unlike the previous time whereby I had the needle stuck into my abdomen for the longest time), my mind was put at ease immediately. Little did I know that they actually took 6 tubes of blood! I nearly fainted… It was rather painful if you ask me. But alas, it’s over. Now we just have to wait 10 days for the results since the blood samples will be sent overseas for testing.

When the clinic nurse called me 9 days later at 8 plus in the morning, I received the news on my own. My heart was thumping mad and I’m just so relieved that all results are good. And the good news is also that, I’m expecting a boy this time! Woohoo!

Actually I’ve a feeling that it’s a boy this time since the symptoms are all different. My family and close friends think so too. Now we need to decide on the shortlisted names. Not sure why but we simply can’t decide on one English and one Chinese name. Looks like it’s much easier for girl’s names. 🙂

#10 – Naming Our Baby

This is the fun bit…Once we knew the gender, we shortlisted those baby girl names that we both like. After a little more deliberation, we concluded on “L” (in short) for our baby’s name. As for her Chinese name, S thought about it further and came up with a few options. We finally agreed on one that symbolizes learning without boundaries. In Chinese character, it’s really easy to write which is important for a young child to master. We did not bother about having it calculated with the right strokes and choosing words to complement the birth time as we wanted to leave it to her to carve something out for herself.