#125 – Lucky Star

It was Saturday and I wanted to bring the kids to Jacob Ballas (kids version of Botanic Gardens). As it turns out, S was tired and decided to take an afternoon nap. So I brought them out on my own. When I reached Jacob Ballas, I was disappointed as its façade were boarded up. I asked the guard if it was still open and thank goodness, he said yes. I was already making plans to visit the nearby Botanic Gardens instead if it was indeed closed for renovation.

It was bright and sunny and L was happily building her sand castle. Then suddenly, I felt a few drops of rain and I quickly asked L to pack up and put her sandals back on while I put Baby A back into the stroller. As I was doing all these, other parents and kids had already started running for shelter as the downpour was sudden and didn’t appear like it would stop anytime soon.

Everything happened very quickly and L was caught by surprise and didn’t know how to react. She asked me to help her with her sandals and I just quickly put them on (I would usually make her do it herself). I grabbed her and her toys and started running, with the stroller in tow, to the nearest shelter. Before the outing, L was instructed to be obedient as I would need her help to “look after” her little brother. She was co-operative and held onto the stroller as we ran.

Despite that, we were totally drenched by the time we reached the shelter. Many other parents and kids were in the same state. When I looked around, I think Baby A was the youngest of them all. After all, he’s just an infant of 9 months! I quickly wiped them dry and with the kind staff’s help, pack them into the car and drove back. I called home to instruct my helper to meet me downstairs in 15 minutes and at the same time, prepare hot bath water for them.

When I reached the shelter, she was nowhere to be seen. In fact, she sashayed to me 5 minutes later. By which time, I was fuming mad. I asked her why she was late and that she shouldn’t compromise on my kids’ health since they were drenched in rain and needed to change out quickly. She was quick to cover up, citing that the clock at home was 5 minutes late. I took all the clocks and showed her that I know she was just making an excuse. Then she said that she was frying eggs, another excuse in my opinion. Sigh, I don’t know what to say.

When I read the news later, I learned that a tall tembusu tree fell in Botanic Gardens, the same time we were at Jacob Ballas. One person was killed and 4 others injured. I heaved a sigh of relief. Had we gone there, we could have been hit by the tree. Thank god for not bringing us there!

#124 – Piano Prodigy?

So we are convinced that playing the piano is good for the right brain development and after reviewing a few music schools, we went for Aureus. L was extremely excited during the first lesson and at the same time, a tad shy. When the teacher asked her questions, she shied away and did not respond. But I must say that the teacher, although she doesn’t speak perfect English, she is able to engage L and get her to understand the intricacies of piano playing using games and activities that she can comprehend. But because I was trying to coincide her class timings so that we can have one free day in the afternoon, we did another trial class with another teacher. This teacher, although speaks well, she teaches “by the book”. Little kids like L find it dry and boring. So our choice is made. We went for the first teacher. 🙂

L is still excited to go for classes and when she saw the recital room, she said that she wanted to play on the grand piano there. And she said that after her second piano class. Hahaha!

#115 – Explaining Death to a 3-Year Old

L asked me if I’ve a father and a mother and I replied yes, of course. So I started explaining the family tree to her. My mother is Popo. She then asked about my father. I said my father is Gong Gong and he is in heaven. She said why? Told her that he was old, fell sick, passed away and went to heaven. She paused for a long time and we chatted about other things.

Then suddenly she said Gong Gong is in heaven. I was like….yes I know, we are talking about the same person. She asked if he’s there to meet his friends n I said yes. Then she asked who his friends are and I said his sister is one of them.

I explained further that when he passed away, he lives in our heart. Just as quickly but definitely after much considered thought, she asked when all of us die, whose heart do we live in. Coming out from a 3-year old plus girl, I think it’s pretty amazing.

She’s perceptive and is trying to understand abstract concepts. I guess death and divorce are difficult concepts for children.


#83 – Not again???

First, L’s nursery teachers asked me to stay back when I went to pick her up from school. They had the worried look on their faces and my heart sank when they told me that she had hurt herself in class. She was standing behind her friend who was seated and when her friend stood up, her head hit L’s chin which then cut her lower lip. She bled and of course cried. I felt a little better when I saw that the cut was not too bad. The friend’s mum came over to apologize to me later which I thought was a nice gesture cos this was purely an accident. Oh well, at least L learnt from this episode that she should not stand so closely behind someone.

Then two days later, at her English enrichment class, L’s teacher asked me to stay back again. That was when I saw her red and sore lower lip. She hurt the same spot again! This time, she was trying to reach the Lego box of toys which fell on her mouth. Ouch! I think she was in a state of shock cos the teacher said that she did not cry but merely teary-eyed. She was fine after the teacher dabbed the blood away. My poor L…

Three days later, L slipped while getting onto her car seat and hurt the same spot. OMG! This time she cried big time and my heart wrenched as I saw her lower lip reddening. I distracted her with her favourite videos and she was quickly pacified. I know that these are insignificant incidents compared to the more serious injuries that some other kids sustained but it’s enough to break the mummy’s heart, really.


#56 – Shichida

I signed L up for Shichida as it was renowned for babies’ brain development. L was already 21 months by the time she attended the first class so it’s considered late since parents send their babies to such classes as early as 6 months! Some even start Shichida before the baby was born! I personally think that’s taking it a tad too far but nonetheless, it’s an admirable feat for the care provider as it takes a lot of effort to do it consistently, especially the home practice bit.

I’m not sure about L but I was totally swarmed by the fast pace and the contents of the first class. There were six students accompanied by their caregiver in the class with one teacher. Besides flash cards, there were other activities to train their senses, imaging, memory link, eye training etc. I don’t even know if L understood the instructions, much less carrying out the task.

Second class was a bit better; at least I could follow the instructions. Lol! I think L also was less reserved and did better in terms of colour and shapes matching. 🙂

As the classroom is small, if any kid is not cooperative and get fussy, the environment then gets less conducive for the rest to concentrate during class. But that’s difficult to control so it’s best to bring the kid outside the classroom and wait until he/she is calm before re-entering the classroom. I’ve been lucky cos L has been a very good and adaptable thus far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this continues. 🙂

#53 – First Swim Class

We enrolled her for weekly swim class and L totally enjoys it. My hubby S said that it’s like aqua play school. We sang songs whilst doing the water activities. It was really fun and the class was only 30 minutes.

We did not have to worry about her being comfortable in water as she’s fine with wetting her hair and face. After a few classes, L managed to swim under water with ease. We’re eager to go for the next class to see her progress.