#58 – Potential New Job

My ex-colleague called on me to check if I’m keen on taking over a senior role in a local bank. I caught up with her to find out more. Coincidentally, a headhunting firm called me too for the same role. I think it’s a sign that I should return to the work force. But I was really torn between staying home with L and striking it out again. I think it showed in my interviews as my interviewers provided feedback that I was not all that keen in this role.

I had a discussion with S and we decided that I should give it my best shot and cross the bridge when it comes. So I did it again…at the final round of interview, the interviewer seems reasonably pleased with my passion and enthusiasm and he ended the interview by asking me what childcare arrangement I have should I take on the job. He even said that there’s a childcare centre at the office building should I need it. I take that as a positive sign. 🙂

#32 – Losing Job For Real?

Just as I was basking in bliss, I was informed after I returned to work from last installment of maternity leave that my “still considered new” job had been “restructured away” after business integration and I needed to look for another role internally. The first thing that came to my mind was the fact I might not be able to provide for Baby L anymore. This thought actually surprised me as it was a departure from how I would think in the past which would be all about me, about whether I can still afford to shop like there’s no tomorrow. Much that this news triggered much anxiety; I was pleased that parenthood brought out the selflessness in me.

After more than 4 months of uncertainty, disappointment and anguish, the wait was finally over. I was given another internal role, which I decided to take on for the time being. I knew at least I did not have to worry about providing for Baby L, well, at least for now. More importantly, the entire episode was a wake up call for me as I realized that the possibility of losing a senior level job when one reaches 40s or 50s was very real. I would need to create an additional stream of income so that it would not become as daunting, should it happen again.

#24 – Returning to the Grime

As it was a new job for me, I returned to work after just two months of maternity leave. There was only very little separation anxiety from Baby L. I guess she didn’t know any better. Instead, I think I was the one having the anxiety. I could not bear to leave baby at home and I kept checking on Baby L at every opportunity through the webcam interface on my hand phone. With the care of my mother and my mother-in-law, Baby L was in good hands. And at the very least, I have a peace of mind.

A fellow colleague of mine who delivered baby twins around the same time as me was granted 6 months maternity leave and I was terribly envious. Well I suppose if I had worked there as long as she did, I would also be able to go on extended leave. Maybe next time …

#13 – Changing Job

I started looking out for a change of role way before I was pregnant, as I had accomplished what I was recruited for. I went for several interviews but nothing really materialized. It was either the job scope was not what I wanted for my next career move or the remuneration was not what I anticipated. I am someone who enjoys constant challenges as they bring out the best in me.

During one of the fetal scans, it revealed a grouchy-looking baby and I knew that I had to do something about it. I can either (1) quit and focus on my pregnancy since I went through quite a lot to conceive my little precious one or (2) get another job but that would not be fair to my future employer.

Just when I was deliberating about this, a potential employer whom I was pursuing for a while offered me the role. I came clean with them, informing them that as the interview process took longer than expected, and I was already 5 months pregnant. I would totally respect their decision should they retract the offer. Being a multi-national organization known for their family-centricity, they offered me the job anyway.

Call me brave, I tendered my resignation and moved on despite being in my third trimester. I still wonder how I did it since I did not have any prior relevant experience for the new role and that it was a much bigger role than what I had. I knew it would be tough since I was heavily pregnant but I went ahead with full zest, looking forward to the new challenge!