#124 – A’s First Trip

Given A’s “cry baby” nature, I had to convince S to let me bring A along to our annual family trip to Hong Kong. S is worried that he will cry his lungs out on the flights and hence cause attract unnecessary stares from other passengers. I told him that yes, he may cry but it’s also a good chance to train him to be more sociable and get used to strangers. So I promised to train him before the trip so that he’s used to large crowds and not be so “cowardy” in terms of “stranger anxiety”.

The daily trips downstairs proved to work. I guess the constant exposure made him more comfortable of “non-threatening” strangers and now he merely stares at them instead letting it all out by crying. Mind you, his cries can be deafening and you wouldn’t want to be near him when that happens.

So he behaved well during the flights and all I can say is that I’m just so glad that it worked out fine. The only thing was that, with two babies in tow, I didn’t get to go to my usual shopping pilgrimage hunts at all. But well, all was worth it when I saw the smiles on both L’s and A’s faces at Disneyland. I can see that the kiddos and the oldies (my in-laws were on the trip too) were happy during the trip. That’s what matters most.

#121 – Worst Sea-sick Ever

It was the first morning of our trip and we were all pumped up for the whale-watching. I had a hearty breakfast cos the food was extremely fresh and nice. Big mistake!

One hour into the cruise, the water became really choppy and I asked for a plastic bag immediately; on sensing that my breakfast was about to make its way out. The next moment, I “merlioned” (a phrase to describe the projectile movement of the vomitus) big time but alas, the plastic bag given to me had a slit on it so the vomitus went onto the nice wooden floorboard instead. Yikes!

I was asked if I wish to abandon the trip and cruise back but I refused to especially after making my way half the globe for this trip. So for the next few hours I was in agony and threw up just about everything that was in there. Towards the end, I was throwing up bitter bile water. Double yikes!

When S asked me to go out to the deck and watch the whales, I could only manage a feeble effort to put on the warm suit, took a glance, then head back indoors to lie down. It was that bad. So much for whale watching…maybe next time, or maybe not.

#119 – My Bucket List

It has always been my dream to see the Aurora Borealis. But because it takes some degree of planning and I’m too lazy to do it, I never get to fulfil this wish (until now, that is). S knows that and he did the planning and booking excitedly, which was rather rare given that he’s never been much of an activator.

We opted for private tour that is focused more on nature and sight-seeing; and the overseas agency “Off The Map” did a great job in planning the itinerary. Some of the activities planned include whale watching in the fjords, kiss by the wolves, sami tent visit, scenic train ride, dog-sledding, ice hotel and of course nightly chase of the Northern Lights.

We booked our own flights and everything else was like on “remote control”. When we were on the flight there, we prayed that the planned trip would work out fine (as in the drivers and tour guides will come as they were supposed to at the stipulated timings). We were especially pleased that Norwegians and Swedes are really honest and trust-worthy folks. Everything worked like clock works and we had a fabulous trip. Oh, did I mention that it’s a trip for just us two? It has been 6 years since our honeymoon trip!


#65 – Move to HK

S has an opportunity to go to HK for a 6-month stint and we are considering if we should go along and if so, for how long. There are several combinations possible: (1) go along with him for 6 months; (2) go for one month and come back for another and then alternate between two cities this way; (3) go for 3 months and then come back for another 3 months. These combinations are based on some considerations which include my mother’s needs, L’s education, leaving my house empty and staying with S as a family.

(1) I guess the least disruption to S’s work will be for us to stay there for the entire 6 months period. But this will mean disruption to L’s enrichment and swim classes. Well, I suppose she can do similar classes in HK too. This also means that she will start her nursery one term late. After checking with her pre-school, they informed me that we have to pay for the term to secure her spot in class even though she will not be present in class for the first term. Another consideration for me is leaving the house empty for so long. Will all the electrical appliances still work after being “dormant” for so long? Hahaha, my sister said that I’m enslaving myself to my possessions.

(2) My mum adores L to the max and since my father’s passing, L has been her focus. We are conscious of the fact that she will miss L dearly if she doesn’t see her for 6 months. So we plan to ask her to come along with us. But my mum is a home person and to get her to uproot temporarily for 6 months is unthinkable. What maybe viable for her is the one month in HK and another in SG option.

(3) A hybrid option may also be viable so R can have our companion for 3 months non-stop and L can also start her nursery as planned. If my mum wishes to return to SG, either my siblings or myself can bring her back. So, as of now, this seems to be the most feasible option for all parties…unless S’s apartment is so tiny that it can’t house all of us. In which case, he will have to shuttle back as and when he can. So much for thinking ahead…hahaha!