#111 – L’s Funny PD

It was holiday period and S decided to put some nail stickers on L’s tiny nails. L wanted to show Dr Low (L’s pd) her nail stickers but she was shy when she was in his room. I helped her express her desire for him to check out her nail stickers and the PD then used his medical torch to look at/examine them. The sight was kinda funny. 🙂

#75 – Falling Sick

We went for our annual retreat at Capella Singapore to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was a bit nervous cos L seems to fall sick every time she stays away from home. True enough, on the last day of our stay, she threw up at breakfast. S brought her back to the villa for change of clothes. All our plans prior to late check out need to be cancelled. We brought her to her pd immediately and got some hydrating liquid for her. After monitoring her for a few days, we are just glad that she’s fine. The vomiting was probably due to lying down to sleep immediately after drinking some considerable amounts of water.

A week later, we went with my in-laws for our annual Hong Kong trip and I was looking forward to it since it’s been four months since I travelled. I have to keep telling myself to take it easy since I was in my fifth month of pregnancy and I had to look after L as well even though I brought my helper along on the trip. The trip went fine and S joined us the day after cos of his work. I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping which never fails to make me temporarily happy.

On the flight back, L was super cranky and fussy cos she missed her nap-time. I was entertaining her throughout the 4-hour flight and was deadbeat by the time we arrived in Singapore. Once again, the day after our arrival, she fell ill. This time, she probably caught the virus from my MIL who was feeling under the weather during the trip. We finally nursed her back to health before nursery starts but S and I fell ill one after another thereafter. L caught it from us again as soon as I got a tad better. And the cycle went one more round as if it’s a merry-go-round. Sigh…

#67 – Ear Infection Again?

I still can’t pinpoint as to how L can get ear infection twice in two months consecutively. Coincidentally, both times happened shortly after swimming. Doctor said that maybe the case or may also be drinking milk while lying down. For the latter I reminded my domestic help many times and she said she let her drink milk at 45 deg angle.

It’s very tiring for me when L is down with fever. She gets cranky and doesn’t want to eat or drink much. Her routine also gets disrupted and she doesn’t sleep well at all. Needless to say, her chubbiness is gone in no time. We resorted to letting her sleep with us on the same bed as we want to look after her ourselves instead of relying on domestic helper.

Also, we have to take her off all her enrichment classes, some of which do not offer any make up class. Oh well, I suppose it’s better this way than to risk infecting the rest of the kids and also for her to get well faster.

Now that she’s getting better, we have to think of ways to wean her off sharing bed with us. It’s also time to feed her more food to beef her up again. I think I need to visit my favourite masseuse to get my massage fix after the exhausting two months. 🙂

#51 – Bad Things Come in Pairs too

L has been moving around really fast recently. She reached for the door handle and dashed out of my room and into the kitchen. Although I ran after her quickly, I was not fast enough to stop her from slipping on the wet kitchen floor and falling on the back of her head. The thud was really loud, followed by her incessant cry. My heart ached badly and I kept blaming myself for not looking after her well enough. I made sure that I monitored her for another two hours before letting her fall asleep. By then, it was way past her bedtime.

When morning came, all was fine. And I was deadbeat cos of waking up at night constantly to check on L, hoping that the concussion did not affect her. I was just glad that L was fine and behaving normally. Just hours later, I noticed that L felt warm. After taking her temperature, it’s confirmed that she’s running a temperature. I quickly sponged her hoping to bring her temperature down. But as noon approaches, her temperature shot up to 39.7 degrees C. S and I brought her to her pediatrician immediately and he prescribed antibiotics for her sore throat and more medicine to bring down her temperature.

The couple of days after were even more sleep-deprived (for me). L could not sleep well and she got cranky very easily. She usually does not take well to oral medication. It worsened when we laced her food with medication. She’s sensitive to the change in taste and did not want to consume food at all, not even with her favourite Elmo video playing in front of her. It got to the point that she refused formula milk and water and we got really worried as she was getting dehydrated. I took her temperature again when she cried uncontrollably. It went up to 40 Degrees C this time. We brought her to the paediatrician again when she did not seem to recover. Instead of sore throat, this time he saw ulcers in her throat. Oh my poor baby, no wonder she could not swallow any food.

#39 – Fear of MMR

We’ve come across reports on autism-linked MMR vaccination jabs and we deliberately delayed this jab. It’s now 4 months later than the prescribed time of jab and we’ve plucked up enough courage to let her go for it. My girlfriend’s little boy who doesn’t usually cry when jabbed, cried a little when he took MMR. He even walked with a slight limp post jab. I prayed hard that L will be ok cos it’ll be an anomaly if she doesn’t cry. We’ve changed a pediatrician this time, as there did not seem to be any chemistry between the previous doc and L. We also bought a medical kit to let L familiarize with the tools and apparatus that doctors use.

When it was L’s turn to see Dr. Lo, he distracted her with different toys while preparing the syringe. Then he jabbed L with lightning speed and L just looked at her thigh, which is now plastered with a band-aid. My helper and I were struck dumb. There was no struggle, no cry, not even a wimp. This is absolutely amazing! The first thought that came to my mind was that we should have changed doctor sooner.

You know what the best thing is? This is the first time that L had a jab with this new doctor and she did not develop a fever from the MMR jab. I’m not sure what the reason was but I’m just so glad. It’s really no fun having to look after a sick baby. Hurray for Dr. Lo!

#23 – Woozy Dad

It’s time for Baby L’s pediatrician visit (Dr. Si) for her first jab at two-month point. S warned me before hand that he would not bear to see Baby L getting pricked by the needle. Basically, I have to be the gung ho one holding Baby L down when the action happens. Poor Baby L went to the doc without suspecting anything and after the general check up, she was administered two jabs; one on each thigh. After the first jab, she did not cry immediately. Strange as it seemed, it took a while before the pain registered and she started crying only a few seconds later. Dr. Si warned us that the second jab would be more painful. As we braced for the jab, Baby L stopped crying only to start again after the needle pricked her. Poor girl… it’s the first time that we saw such big tear drops. And yes, S took over from me to comfort her only after all jabs were over. We can safely say that Dr. Si was certainly not Baby L’s favorite person.

As it was a private clinic at Paragon, the bill for both jabs came up to be more than $500! S later found out from his friends that infants could go to Polyclinic for the same jabs, without waiting, for a fraction of the price. He tried really hard to convince me but what can I say, I’m a tough nut to crack. I was just not convinced that the support system would be there for us should we need emergency assistance.

True enough, Baby L came down with fever after the jab and we brought her back to Dr. Si. She seemed to recall the place cos as soon as we got out of the car park, grouchiness was written all over her face. And when we went to his clinic, she started crying as if she could remember what happened on the day of the jab. It was good that after sponging her and giving her medicine, which she did not like too much, her fever subsided. Lesson learned was to spread the jabs over two months instead of overdosing the poor baby with so much trauma and “viruses” at one go.