#106 – Fair Weather Mama

When Baby A was born, he was lighter than L and not as chubby as L. As he grew over the weeks, one double eyelid appeared and then the second appeared out of the blue. That really changed his looks. Suddenly, he became very good-looking and an absolutely handsome baby. My heart loves him even more then, even though he doesn’t chuckle like L and definitely not easily tickled like his elder sister. But overall, he’s still pretty responsive.

And then today, as he is nearing 5 months old, he woke up with only one double eyelid and the left one disappeared quite as suddenly as it appeared. Now that altered his looks a great deal. He’s not looking as good as before. I’m really trying not to be a superficial and fair weather mama. And probably that’s why I’m penning this down to get it off my chest. I should be grateful that he’s one healthy and smart (at least he looks intelligent) baby. I should be grateful that I’m blessed with one cute and happy daughter, followed by a lovely son. I should be counting my blessings. I ought to be…


#103 – New Sibling Syndrome (not again?)

Just when I thought that the new sibling syndrome was over, it happened again when I least expected it.

A couple of weeks ago (it was coincidentally the onset of the Chinese Hungry Ghost month), L started being “shy” and didn’t want to say hi to neighbours in the lift. I found that puzzling as she has always been a very sociable kid who doesn’t shy away from greeting even strangers in the lift. I didn’t want to think much of it, especially since they say that kids can sense supernatural beings that adults can’t. Then just last week, she started clinging onto me, refusing to go to her favourite English enrichment class. She would be fine until the moment I leave the classroom. She would act up by crying incessantly and say that she wants mama. Thank goodness that her teacher is well-trained in handling such situations. She swept L up and comforted her. I took a deep breath and left L in her care, turned around and left the classroom, in the midst of her deafening cries. It was heart-breaking, trust me. I stayed on outside the classroom until she stopped crying, which was just a while later and I heaved a sigh of relief before heading off for my weekly sandwich. I brushed it off as a one-off incident.

Then, it happened again at her Chinese enrichment class and again every morning at her pre-school. This is not funny alright cos it can be very tiring for a breastfeeding mum who’s suffering from sleep deprivation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just a passing phase. Really, I shouldn’t speak so soon in future…

#99 – New Sibling Syndrome

L has been totally looking forward to Baby A’s arrival up to the point when Baby A came home. Just like tropical weather change, L’s temperament suddenly changed. From the angelic girl; she became someone who cries at every single thing. She fusses a great deal and it really took a toll on the adults. Thank goodness there’re several of us to go round and that she doesn’t take it out on Baby A.

She just wants our attention, like ALL THE TIME. She wants to sleep with us, wants us to do things with her, asks me why I don’t take her to school anymore etc. We really hope that this is just a passing phase. In fact, after about what felt like two intensive weeks of fussy L, she became more subdued. Hallelujah!

#79 – Introducing the Concept of Having a Sibling to L

We started bringing L to pre-natal visits, easing her into the fact that there will soon be another little human being in the house, apart from herself. On her first visit, she was her sweet usual self (sweetheart sweetie pops); constantly checking on me to see if I were ok when I disappeared behind the curtain, getting ready to be examined by Dr C. Even though she was by my side looking on, she was also worried about me as I was lying on the bed.

Dr. C who’s usually a no-nonsense type of doctor is also drawn to her, offering her biscuits and assuring her that Mama is fine. She explained in kids’ terms what she’s doing and let her listen to Baby A’s heartbeat which she found very amusing.

I think these constant reminders and assurance by us help a great deal as more often than not, L will “play” with Baby A, offering imaginary toys to him. It’s a very sweet act of her and we love her to bits even more.

However, on several occasions, L mentioned that daddy loves L and Mama loves Baby A. This breaks my heart and we’ve been and still are trying to change that thought of hers. I wonder how that came about. Sigh.


#71 – I Can’t Wait for First Trimester to be OVER

I feel wasted everyday. I’m feeling nauseous, fatigue and I have poor appetite all the time. It’s the same feeling day after day. I have no appetite for anything and my nausea made it worse. But I get hungry and yet I can’t think of eating anything. When I manage to get something down my throat, I’ll feel bloated and “pukey” immediately. This goes on daily. I’m really counting down to 3 more weeks before first trimester is over. Dr. C assures me that it’ll get better and I certainly hope so.

I can’t do much with L at all as my energy is low. Even after a nap, I still feel tired. All I can do is to read to her and to play “sit down” games. I refrain from carrying her and going to the playground is out of the question. Poor L… I really hope that I will bounce back to my usual self very soon.

#64 – Sharing


There hasn’t been an issue with regards to sharing. L has always been gracious and generous about sharing, even her favourite food or toys. I’m not sure why but recently, when a gal approached her wanting to play with the bubbles set, L refused to share. I tried all sorts of methods and eventually, this works… I blow the bubbles and got both of them to pop the bubbles. Phew. I hope it’s just a phase that L is going through. I guess we just have to keep reminding her the right thing to do.

#52 – Wo Ai Ni

With constant coaching and reinforcement at home since a month ago when she started attended Chinese playgroup, L has been able to say “Wo Ai Ni” which means “I love you” in Mandarin. However, whenever the teachers coax her to say it in class, she’d always shy away. Today is the first time that she said it loud and clear which triggered a loud applause from the teachers as well as other parents. You see, L (being the youngest in class) was one of the toddlers who can’t really say the words. What a breakthrough today!

And then when I brought her to my mum’s place in the afternoon, she uttered her first Cantonese words too. I quickly recorded it and now it’s in my safe-keep. I’m so pleased with L (and myself). It makes my staying home and coaching her all worthwhile.