#99 – New Sibling Syndrome

L has been totally looking forward to Baby A’s arrival up to the point when Baby A came home. Just like tropical weather change, L’s temperament suddenly changed. From the angelic girl; she became someone who cries at every single thing. She fusses a great deal and it really took a toll on the adults. Thank goodness there’re several of us to go round and that she doesn’t take it out on Baby A.

She just wants our attention, like ALL THE TIME. She wants to sleep with us, wants us to do things with her, asks me why I don’t take her to school anymore etc. We really hope that this is just a passing phase. In fact, after about what felt like two intensive weeks of fussy L, she became more subdued. Hallelujah!

#98 – Sashimi Attack!

I really went all out this time. Sashimi never tasted this good. I had been controlling my craving for sashimi throughout the entire pregnancy and confinement period and when I can finally eat them, I ate them like there’s no tomorrow. Uni, salmon and scallop are all my favourite and I had chiraishi so many times!

In the past, I’d express the milk to be thrown away, but this time, I just make sure that I dine at good restaurants. And then I keep my fingers crossed that my milk will be fine for Baby A. Haha!

I can’t tell you enough how good they are especially after a hiatus period of close to a year! 🙂

#97 – Diastasis Recti

After researching, I now know that my condition is called diastasis recti. Basically, my abdomen muscles have been stretched to accommodate my baby and now I’ve to do core workouts to tone them back in shape. Otherwise, the abdomen will continue to be protruding despite months after delivery.

And I realized that the core exercises that I’ve been doing are detrimental to toning the muscles. In fact, they have counter effect on them. I decided to take S’s advice to consult his personal trainer. He works with another trainer who has experience training women with this condition.

The first visit was purely breathing exercise. He taught me how to do proper belly/abdomen breathing which is supposed to make future workouts more effective. Oh, did I mention that my trainer looks like a Korean pop star. Not too bad a deal eh? 😉

#96 – Expect the unexpected! (Mummy tummy)

It’s not once, not twice but quite a few times that kind souls in public transport gave up seat to me thinking that I’m pregnant. My post pregnancy wobbly blob is still very visible and I feel really embarrassed at first cos I’m no longer pregnant, just fat. I take great pains to explain to them that I don’t need the seat as I’m not pregnant and that I’ve just given birth. Usually they can’t hear me clearly cos of the noise level, so I’ll just accept their kind gesture. But deep down, I’m so sad that the stubborn bulge doesn’t seem to go down at all.

A visit to my Gynae got me even more discouraged. She said that breastfeeding doesn’t help to lose weight. It has to be constant workout especially targeting at the core area. I’m terribly disillusioned now and I’m really not sure how to get rid of the pseudo-5-months pregnant tummy.

It’s really different this time cos regardless of how much jamu massage, wrap n bind I did (I even ate less, exercised more etc), I still don’t seem to be able to slim down. I am running out of ideas already, short of going for a tummy tuck. Sigh! Will someone help me please??!!