#109 – Teachers’ Pet

Being an obedient and loving sweetheart, it’s not difficult to understand that L is one of her teachers’ pets in class.

During her swim class today, L’s teachers stopped by the pool-side with their afternoon class students to watch L swim a full lap. They were cheering her on! It was very nice to see that the school environment is such a supportive and positive one. The campus may be old but it more than made up in other more important ways.

#76 – Starting Nursery

As a mom, I have to say that I’m super ken chiong (anxious) about most things. I have been worrying about how L will cope with new school life without me by her side during class. Will she trip over other kids’ legs cos she can be quite klutzy and I’m not there to look out for her? Will she be pushed over? Is she assertive enough to fend off biters and bullies? The more I think about it, the more worried I get. To the point that S had to tell me ease off cos L is only going to pre-nursery.

The first week came and gone with out much incident and I’m so glad. L seems to enjoy school a great deal and she even showed us to the door and asked us to wait outside for her till class was over. She seems to be unperturbed by the other crying kids in her class. You can’t imagine how glad we are. I guess the numerous pep talk prior to starting nursery helped a great deal in this case.

#74 – Biting Incident

L’s “nemesis”, Kate, in Chinese class (more like mine..haha!) has gone too far. She did not give way on the slide and when L said “excuse me”, instead, she turned around attempting to bite her. My helper was there and put a stop to it right away. My helper later informed me and I was, as expected, fuming mad. I decided to speak with her mother straight away. She apologized to me. She explained that Kate has been biting her at home too (I was shocked and I wondered why she’s condoning it). A moment later, she also got Kate to apologize to L.

I thought about it over a couple of days and decided to inform the form teacher about it as well. She said she was unaware of the incident and will pay more attention to Kate’s behavior. My eyes are peeled on Kate every time we are in the same play area together. This girl spells danger.

#65 – Move to HK

S has an opportunity to go to HK for a 6-month stint and we are considering if we should go along and if so, for how long. There are several combinations possible: (1) go along with him for 6 months; (2) go for one month and come back for another and then alternate between two cities this way; (3) go for 3 months and then come back for another 3 months. These combinations are based on some considerations which include my mother’s needs, L’s education, leaving my house empty and staying with S as a family.

(1) I guess the least disruption to S’s work will be for us to stay there for the entire 6 months period. But this will mean disruption to L’s enrichment and swim classes. Well, I suppose she can do similar classes in HK too. This also means that she will start her nursery one term late. After checking with her pre-school, they informed me that we have to pay for the term to secure her spot in class even though she will not be present in class for the first term. Another consideration for me is leaving the house empty for so long. Will all the electrical appliances still work after being “dormant” for so long? Hahaha, my sister said that I’m enslaving myself to my possessions.

(2) My mum adores L to the max and since my father’s passing, L has been her focus. We are conscious of the fact that she will miss L dearly if she doesn’t see her for 6 months. So we plan to ask her to come along with us. But my mum is a home person and to get her to uproot temporarily for 6 months is unthinkable. What maybe viable for her is the one month in HK and another in SG option.

(3) A hybrid option may also be viable so R can have our companion for 3 months non-stop and L can also start her nursery as planned. If my mum wishes to return to SG, either my siblings or myself can bring her back. So, as of now, this seems to be the most feasible option for all parties…unless S’s apartment is so tiny that it can’t house all of us. In which case, he will have to shuttle back as and when he can. So much for thinking ahead…hahaha!

#52 – Wo Ai Ni

With constant coaching and reinforcement at home since a month ago when she started attended Chinese playgroup, L has been able to say “Wo Ai Ni” which means “I love you” in Mandarin. However, whenever the teachers coax her to say it in class, she’d always shy away. Today is the first time that she said it loud and clear which triggered a loud applause from the teachers as well as other parents. You see, L (being the youngest in class) was one of the toddlers who can’t really say the words. What a breakthrough today!

And then when I brought her to my mum’s place in the afternoon, she uttered her first Cantonese words too. I quickly recorded it and now it’s in my safe-keep. I’m so pleased with L (and myself). It makes my staying home and coaching her all worthwhile.


#22 – Are you serious? Pre-school no more space?

When I had a bit more free time and also felt a tad better during the second month, I made a few enquiry calls to some popular infant care and pre-schools and to my astonishment, they were all full! One of them even told me not to bother to place Baby L on waitlist as even that was full until three years later. You see, despite what our government attempts to do, seats in good pre-schools are all taken…and we are not even talking about primary school. When I went on one of the school tours, there were pregnant mothers-to-be eager to book a seat for the unborn child. I felt totally lagging behind these kiasu mums.

In the end, we booked Baby L into this pre-school, which has Christian influence. What I liked best was the rustic feel due to the generous ample open space designed for outdoor activities. Despite the fact that the school has to vacate the vicinity after Baby L’s first year in pre-school, we put her name down. No wonder there was vacancy for Baby L at the pre-school…