#98 – Sashimi Attack!

I really went all out this time. Sashimi never tasted this good. I had been controlling my craving for sashimi throughout the entire pregnancy and confinement period and when I can finally eat them, I ate them like there’s no tomorrow. Uni, salmon and scallop are all my favourite and I had chiraishi so many times!

In the past, I’d express the milk to be thrown away, but this time, I just make sure that I dine at good restaurants. And then I keep my fingers crossed that my milk will be fine for Baby A. Haha!

I can’t tell you enough how good they are especially after a hiatus period of close to a year! 🙂

#91 – Here We Go Again…

(Sorry, this new post took quite some time as I was busy with a newborn and a toddler at home. It’s a good problem though. 🙂  )

After months of wondering how and when the second time labour will happen, it eventually happened on 29 Apr, Friday evening, when I was waiting for S by the roadside to pick me up after packing our dinner.

I felt a slight gush of discharge and then slight cramps in my lower abdomen. Throughout the drive back, the cramps became more frequent from every 15min to 5min. When I got home, I quickly checked and saw that the discharge was indeed mucous plug. After a quick call to the obstetrician, Dr. C advised me continue monitoring the contractions and proceed to hospital when it gets more frequent. So I decided to take a quick shower, wash my hair and have my dinner (although I really wasn’t sure if I could make it through dinner as the pain was getting more intense and definitely more frequent). I took a really quick bite anyway and waited for S to gobble up his dinner too. It was my favourite Sichuan food and really a pity that we had to throw most of it away as time (and pain) did not permit us to “fine-dine”.

Not forgetting that I need to look good in the pictures this time round, I started putting on make up on the drive to hospital, in between road humps and contractions. S looked at me in disbelief and exclaimed, “You can’t be serious?” Let’s put it this way, I did not regret looking better than the previous time in my post-partum pictures this time.

S dropped me off at the hospital and went to park his car. The kind security guard swiftly ushered me to the delivery suite and I was received by this nurse, let’s call her J. She started asking me all sorts of questions and mind you, the answers can be found in Dr. C’s hospital admission memo. I got a tad impatient and repeated that I’m having pretty frequent contractions and it’s best to get the epidural fast, especially cos I know for a fact that the drug will not work effectively after a certain point of dilation!

By the time she decided to call the anesthetist, I was already 7cm dilated. The doc came and admonished the nurses for being tardy in calling him. He also said something to the extent of “hope it’s not too late for epidural to work”. That’s one thing that I dread to hear since I’m not a fan of extreme pain. After administering the epidural, he quickly inserted the IV drip on my left wrist. Both needle pricks were surprisingly tolerable this time maybe cos I was already overwhelmed by the rather unbearable labour pain.

Guess what? The annoying nurse J continued asking me from the list of questions on her list. She went on and on to what seemed like eternity. I answered her as and when I could, i.e. in between contractions.

The labour progressed really fast. After about 2 hours, Dr. C came in to check on me while the other nurses swiftly got the apparatus ready. She examined me and told me that the delivery will be definitely that very night since my dilation was about 8cm then. She broke my water bag and I must say that it was quite a mess. Then she said that there was meconium in the sac and it’s critical that the dilation take place quickly or else we might have to consider c-sect. Now that’s really not my option so I prayed really hard for a swift dilation so that I can have a normal vagina birth.

I also took the opportunity to ask doc to increase the epidural dosage cos the pain seemed to have a way to catch up with the drug. R was monitoring the contractions and when I grimaced in extreme pain, he reported that it was the highest peak (i.e. worst contraction to-date). And for that, he was scolded by the senior nurse cos she said that such additional comment was not necessary. Hahaha!

There was another more elderly nurse who kept knocking onto the IV drip needle inserted into the right side of my left wrist. Under normal circumstances, it would have been excruciatingly painful for me. But with labour going on, it’s merely just relatively uncomfortable. Therefore, you can imagine the intensity of contractions. As a result of the constant knocking, the needle spot was severely bruised and it took a couple of weeks to recover.

Oh, how can I forget to mention that throughout this time when labour was progressing really fast, my dear husband was huffing and puffing and complaining to me about my decision to have the renovation during that time. He was obviously struggling with managing the contractors as the reno work couldn’t commence as planned since the hospital stay period was smacked during public holiday and weekend.

To be continued…

#82 – Same but different?


I’m now Week 33 plus for the second pregnancy and I keep thinking about how the labour onset will be. I know for sure that it will not be the same as L’s and that got me kind of anxious. Where will I be? Will I be driving on the road? Will I be at home? Will I be out and about? I have no clue at all.

I have a feeling that Baby A will come early but Dr. C says that he is likely to arrive at around the same time as L, i.e. full term plus a few days. She also said that second baby will not get engaged until a few hours before labour. Now that’s something new to us. Isn’t it amazing how nature unfolds? The baby actually knows when to engage and prepare for his own arrival. 🙂

I was also told that the iron level in my blood was low so I was prescribed some iron pills and was instructed to load up on dark leafy vegetables and red meat. Actually that’s true cos I didn’t eat that much beef during this pregnancy compared to the last one. I hope that with me following her instructions, the iron level will go back up to a healthy level as it may be dangerous if it drops too low due to blood loss during delivery.

#79 – Introducing the Concept of Having a Sibling to L

We started bringing L to pre-natal visits, easing her into the fact that there will soon be another little human being in the house, apart from herself. On her first visit, she was her sweet usual self (sweetheart sweetie pops); constantly checking on me to see if I were ok when I disappeared behind the curtain, getting ready to be examined by Dr C. Even though she was by my side looking on, she was also worried about me as I was lying on the bed.

Dr. C who’s usually a no-nonsense type of doctor is also drawn to her, offering her biscuits and assuring her that Mama is fine. She explained in kids’ terms what she’s doing and let her listen to Baby A’s heartbeat which she found very amusing.

I think these constant reminders and assurance by us help a great deal as more often than not, L will “play” with Baby A, offering imaginary toys to him. It’s a very sweet act of her and we love her to bits even more.

However, on several occasions, L mentioned that daddy loves L and Mama loves Baby A. This breaks my heart and we’ve been and still are trying to change that thought of hers. I wonder how that came about. Sigh.


#73 – Harmony Test


We decided to go for the Harmony test instead of amniocentesis this time. Thinking that it’s only blood test (unlike the previous time whereby I had the needle stuck into my abdomen for the longest time), my mind was put at ease immediately. Little did I know that they actually took 6 tubes of blood! I nearly fainted… It was rather painful if you ask me. But alas, it’s over. Now we just have to wait 10 days for the results since the blood samples will be sent overseas for testing.

When the clinic nurse called me 9 days later at 8 plus in the morning, I received the news on my own. My heart was thumping mad and I’m just so relieved that all results are good. And the good news is also that, I’m expecting a boy this time! Woohoo!

Actually I’ve a feeling that it’s a boy this time since the symptoms are all different. My family and close friends think so too. Now we need to decide on the shortlisted names. Not sure why but we simply can’t decide on one English and one Chinese name. Looks like it’s much easier for girl’s names. 🙂

#71 – I Can’t Wait for First Trimester to be OVER

I feel wasted everyday. I’m feeling nauseous, fatigue and I have poor appetite all the time. It’s the same feeling day after day. I have no appetite for anything and my nausea made it worse. But I get hungry and yet I can’t think of eating anything. When I manage to get something down my throat, I’ll feel bloated and “pukey” immediately. This goes on daily. I’m really counting down to 3 more weeks before first trimester is over. Dr. C assures me that it’ll get better and I certainly hope so.

I can’t do much with L at all as my energy is low. Even after a nap, I still feel tired. All I can do is to read to her and to play “sit down” games. I refrain from carrying her and going to the playground is out of the question. Poor L… I really hope that I will bounce back to my usual self very soon.

#70 – What an Eventful Night

I had a simple dinner at home. My helper prepared steam fish, vegetables and rice. As my appetite was only so so, it took me a long time to finish the food. L always wants to sit on me when I eat which slows me down further. As I was finishing up my dinner, I felt a warm stream of pee wetting my shorts. Yikes, L just pee-ed on me. She’s being potty trained now so no diapers when she’s at home. I quickly cleaned her up as my helper was in the shower. She wanted to use the toilet and I had to hold onto her while she did her business.

Subsequently, when I was brushing my teeth, I puked uncontrollably into the toilet bowl and L’s pee mixed with toilet bowl water (nope, I hadn’t flushed yet) splashed onto my face. Double yikes! When I spat the final bit of vomitus, my phlegm was bloody. I guess that’s cos of puking too forcefully. When I checked myself in the mirror, capillaries around my eye area burst from puking too hard.

I rested in bed thereafter but had to wait up for S to return from late dinner. By the time he came home, it was already 10ish and he continued watching videos on his ipad with the lights turned on. It was around 1am when I finally managed to fall asleep. What a night!