#120 – Roughing It Out In Coach Class

A few days before we took off, S wanted to upgrade the flight to business class. After finding out the absurd premium that we have to top up (not to mention the tedious, multiple conversations I had with SIA and SAS), I managed to convince him that we will do just fine roughing it out in coach class for the 30-hour journey (especially since we do not have kids travelling with us). I managed to get us a 2-seater and all went well.

During one of the 3 connecting flights (we flew Singapore/Copenhagen/Oslo/Tromso), the connection time was only 40min and the flight was delayed. We prayed hard and literally had to run like crazy to the other terminal after collecting our bags and re-checking them in. Luckily, we made it. What a close shave.

On arrival, we treated ourselves to a fabulous meal at a local restaurant. We had lunch but it felt as if we were having dinner since the sky was dark already. They served the best duck confit and of course, the bottled artic water was ever so sparkling and fresh and thirst-quenching. It was, indeed, THE best meal cos we did not have anything (nothing came close unfortunately) as yummy thereafter.


#89 – Murphy’s Law (again!)

I’m now Week 39 plus (about to deliver Baby A anytime) and last night, I received a call from the confinement lady (CL) whom I booked in first trimester, informing me that she hurt her spine and will not be able to help me. She said that she would look for a replacement for me. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the news. This is the last thing any about-to-due pregnant women would want to hear!

I shared with my friend and she quickly told me to call Thomson Confinement Services and she also gave me a contact for another CL. But I know that the chance of getting a good one is not high since it’s so last minute. Nonetheless, I called the CL anyway. Thank goodness she had a last minute cancellation and she’s available immediately.

When she heard my story, she said that her charges are high (she may be trying to extort here, I’m not sure). And her first question was whether I am staying with my mother-in-law. Oh well, I guess she must have had some bad experiences with some “backseat drivers” in the past. From the tone of her voice, she came across as a rather demanding lady. But as time is of essence, I booked her for one month anyway. I know that I will have to lower my expectations so as not to stress myself any further. I hope that she will be different from the previous CL and will be able to work well with my helper and mum. I think I’ve had enough to deal with for now. No more Murphy’s Law please…

#86 – Hot Button

Somehow, I don’t understand how I always manage to press my husband’s hot button. A couple of nights ago, he asked me to read this rather thick book on training kids’ mind. My response was simple, “Sure, I can read it when I’m breast-feeding Baby A since I’ll be awake feeding or expressing the milk in the night then.” He got mad at my reply, can you imagine? He asked me why I can’t read it now since he bought the book a year back. Granted, I completely forgot about it since it was out of my sight, lost amidst his shelves of books. But I’m not saying that I will not read it, just that I will read it later since I’m trying to finish reading another book before passing it to my sister-in-law. I told him that I’m in no mood to argue with him, much less spoil our beautiful Sunday on that note. But he went on and on…

Thank goodness he regained his composure after a shower and apologized to me for his actions. He also explained to me why he said what he said. Oh well, the damage is done and it really got me thinking where the problem lies. Do we need to see a marriage counselor on the breakdown of our communication? At the rate it’s going, I’m not sure how long I can withstand the anxiety of this pending outbreak; which is akin to a time bomb, waiting to explode on trigger. Perhaps we really need external help.

#82 – Same but different?


I’m now Week 33 plus for the second pregnancy and I keep thinking about how the labour onset will be. I know for sure that it will not be the same as L’s and that got me kind of anxious. Where will I be? Will I be driving on the road? Will I be at home? Will I be out and about? I have no clue at all.

I have a feeling that Baby A will come early but Dr. C says that he is likely to arrive at around the same time as L, i.e. full term plus a few days. She also said that second baby will not get engaged until a few hours before labour. Now that’s something new to us. Isn’t it amazing how nature unfolds? The baby actually knows when to engage and prepare for his own arrival. 🙂

I was also told that the iron level in my blood was low so I was prescribed some iron pills and was instructed to load up on dark leafy vegetables and red meat. Actually that’s true cos I didn’t eat that much beef during this pregnancy compared to the last one. I hope that with me following her instructions, the iron level will go back up to a healthy level as it may be dangerous if it drops too low due to blood loss during delivery.

#78 – Keeping the Spirits High

Much as I try to think happy thoughts and keep up a positive and happy outlook, I can’t help but be bogged down by the nitties gritties in life. I constantly worry about drawing down on my savings, not having enough for household expenses given the extra expenditure with our new baby, getting frazzled by the hectic schedule of sending and fetching L amongst other things. Insignificant annoyance gets to me especially easily these days. I need to constantly remind myself to do my yogic breathing with the end in mind to balance my thoughts. Ommmmmm…