#121 – Worst Sea-sick Ever

It was the first morning of our trip and we were all pumped up for the whale-watching. I had a hearty breakfast cos the food was extremely fresh and nice. Big mistake!

One hour into the cruise, the water became really choppy and I asked for a plastic bag immediately; on sensing that my breakfast was about to make its way out. The next moment, I “merlioned” (a phrase to describe the projectile movement of the vomitus) big time but alas, the plastic bag given to me had a slit on it so the vomitus went onto the nice wooden floorboard instead. Yikes!

I was asked if I wish to abandon the trip and cruise back but I refused to especially after making my way half the globe for this trip. So for the next few hours I was in agony and threw up just about everything that was in there. Towards the end, I was throwing up bitter bile water. Double yikes!

When S asked me to go out to the deck and watch the whales, I could only manage a feeble effort to put on the warm suit, took a glance, then head back indoors to lie down. It was that bad. So much for whale watching…maybe next time, or maybe not.

#120 – Roughing It Out In Coach Class

A few days before we took off, S wanted to upgrade the flight to business class. After finding out the absurd premium that we have to top up (not to mention the tedious, multiple conversations I had with SIA and SAS), I managed to convince him that we will do just fine roughing it out in coach class for the 30-hour journey (especially since we do not have kids travelling with us). I managed to get us a 2-seater and all went well.

During one of the 3 connecting flights (we flew Singapore/Copenhagen/Oslo/Tromso), the connection time was only 40min and the flight was delayed. We prayed hard and literally had to run like crazy to the other terminal after collecting our bags and re-checking them in. Luckily, we made it. What a close shave.

On arrival, we treated ourselves to a fabulous meal at a local restaurant. We had lunch but it felt as if we were having dinner since the sky was dark already. They served the best duck confit and of course, the bottled artic water was ever so sparkling and fresh and thirst-quenching. It was, indeed, THE best meal cos we did not have anything (nothing came close unfortunately) as yummy thereafter.


#119 – My Bucket List

It has always been my dream to see the Aurora Borealis. But because it takes some degree of planning and I’m too lazy to do it, I never get to fulfil this wish (until now, that is). S knows that and he did the planning and booking excitedly, which was rather rare given that he’s never been much of an activator.

We opted for private tour that is focused more on nature and sight-seeing; and the overseas agency “Off The Map” did a great job in planning the itinerary. Some of the activities planned include whale watching in the fjords, kiss by the wolves, sami tent visit, scenic train ride, dog-sledding, ice hotel and of course nightly chase of the Northern Lights.

We booked our own flights and everything else was like on “remote control”. When we were on the flight there, we prayed that the planned trip would work out fine (as in the drivers and tour guides will come as they were supposed to at the stipulated timings). We were especially pleased that Norwegians and Swedes are really honest and trust-worthy folks. Everything worked like clock works and we had a fabulous trip. Oh, did I mention that it’s a trip for just us two? It has been 6 years since our honeymoon trip!


#118 – Remembering Father (again)

I just saw someone who resembles father quite a bit. The brows, gaze, cheeks, hairline, dress sense, the way he sits and walks and gestures “thank you’. Everything of him makes me think of father, except for his eyes, narrower face and nails. I can’t help but keep staring at him. My heart ached but yet skipped a beat.

Then shortly after this encounter, on a separate occasion, L commented again that yi ma’s daddy is in heaven. Every time she mentions him, I feel sad and have the aching pain in me.

Then I would tell her that Gong Gong would have loved to play with her cos she’s so cute n playful. And to that, she replied, “I’d like that.” That’s enough to put a smile on my face.

#117 – SAHM calling in sick

Falling sick is unavoidable and I dreaded that day to come.

And so it came. I wasn’t not feeling too well, had a headache, flu-like symptoms, giddy, nausea, sleep deprivation, night cough, fatigue and lethargy. My first response was to call in sick. Then I remembered that I can’t… cos I’m a SAHM.

Sometimes I think that working in the corporate world is a better deal. At least you get bonus, incentives, and all sorts of privileges and of course the basic perk of being able to call in sick if need be. As a SAHM, all these are non-existent. Sick/healthy, sad/happy, bad day/good day etc, SAHMs still have to do the job. There is little down-times, off-days, me-times as these are child-dependent. But weighing the pros and cons of this so-called “job”, the joy of looking after my kids and watching them grow is still a wonderful thing. Oh well, I still love my “job”. 🙂

#116 – Helper’s Off Day

So, it was my helper’s off-day and she took off in the morning. My mum agreed to come by to help me out. But S went out breakfast with his family; he brought L along. He picked mother up only after breakfast and by the time he got back; it was after 11am. I was all alone with Baby A and during that span of 3 hours, he pooped, cried (big time), had milk, dropped toys (numerous times) and played with me.

I was all exhausted by the time they returned and the first thing I said to S was, “What took you so long???????????????” Guess what his response was? S said, “How come Zena can do it and you can’t? You are a stay-at-home-mum!” Ok, that’s totally uncalled for and I was furious at his comments. I can bet my bottom dollar that he would not be able to do all that all on his own. Hmph!

#115 – Explaining Death to a 3-Year Old

L asked me if I’ve a father and a mother and I replied yes, of course. So I started explaining the family tree to her. My mother is Popo. She then asked about my father. I said my father is Gong Gong and he is in heaven. She said why? Told her that he was old, fell sick, passed away and went to heaven. She paused for a long time and we chatted about other things.

Then suddenly she said Gong Gong is in heaven. I was like….yes I know, we are talking about the same person. She asked if he’s there to meet his friends n I said yes. Then she asked who his friends are and I said his sister is one of them.

I explained further that when he passed away, he lives in our heart. Just as quickly but definitely after much considered thought, she asked when all of us die, whose heart do we live in. Coming out from a 3-year old plus girl, I think it’s pretty amazing.

She’s perceptive and is trying to understand abstract concepts. I guess death and divorce are difficult concepts for children.